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About us

SPV Spółka z o. o. was established in 1996 in Dębnica Kaszubska, 130 Km from Gdańsk along the Northern seabord.

Originally established with the world renowned Schmidt dressing processes, since 2003 it has been a mixed capital company of – Dutch, Italian and English holding, and growing from strength to strength.

In 2008 we have included the equally famous DeMedici processes in our offering. DeMedici has been a pioneer in the development of Wild Fur processing, famous for its super light treatment of difficult products such as Beaver. The business now represents the dressing of the very best of European expertise.

SPV operates across international boundaries attracting customers from throughout the world. Our technology incorporates the best of traditional technique and modern development. The expertise of the best technicians in the field are at our disposal.

Additionally the deployment of the DeMedici processes has allowed us to include the most challenging wild fur products in our range. Attention to detail gives the maximum advantage to our product, assuring the most lightweight, free flowing and stretchable result.

Most importantly we are able to cover all ranges of production from wet mink to the most sophisticate dyeing, shearing and plucking processes.

The Company exhibits at international fairs, including Milan every spring. Our standing on the international market is confirmed by the long lasting co-operation with numerous major world broker firms, fur merchants and farmers: Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Greece, China , Russia and the USA. are all included in our list of clients The Company also co-operates with the auction houses in Copenhagen, Helsinki, St Petersburg and Toronto, where our products may be seen at the International gatherings.

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